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As one (finale)


[Fourth Concept-Theme (Finale)]

" Combine what belongs together Only this fusion brings;

We are as one, since the day that our fight has begun, Till the end of all
time, we´ll believe in the sign, Forever we´ll shine.
Cause we´re as one, since the day that our FIGHT has begun, Till the end of
all time, we´ll believe in the sign, Forever as one.
The CIRCLE OF FATE brought me into this world, With the DOOM OF THE DREAM I
was able to BREAK THE SPELL.
The METMORPHOSIS I was going through, by hot VOID OF FIRE, god sent from an
human hell.
But deep inside, I knew there was more, The time was right, you hit me right
into my core.
We are as one
Four ELEMENTS were the symbols to find, to BREAK OUT of all borders that
prisons the whole mankind.
The PROPHECY led through EYE OF THE STORM, I built up my INNER SIGHT,
But deep inside...
My soul INCARNATED in HEROES of time, the power that CONQUERED my ODYSSEY
now was mine.
When Juliets love led to INFINTIY the HEROIC NATION was made for eternity.
But deep inside...
Combine what belongs together.
Only this fusion brings...

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